Include your patientsin clinical trials

Clinical Trial GP and patients

Evrima enables doctors to find and provide clinical research as a care option to their patients

We’re bridging the gap between researchers, doctors and patients to increase trial awareness, participation and thereby help accelerate medical development. We know you’re busy so we designed the process to be quick and simple.

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Benefits for General Practitioners

Doctors are the most trusted source of information when it comes to receiving medical and healthcare information including clinical trials.

As a GP, you play an important role in not only helping patients find potential treatment but accelerating medical research.

Access for patients to trials not otherwise available

Access clinical trials without administrative burden

Help increase awareness of new research and trials in Australia

Added service to your practice — increase practice profile

Contribute to cutting-edge medical research

Help bring more clinical research to Australia

Clinical Trial Researchers

How it Works

As a GP, you do not have to conduct the trial

We work with leading clinical researchers who are responsible for managing the overall trial.

Your part:

  • We bring trial opportunities to you
  • You decide if a trial is suitable for your patient and discuss it with them
  • Refer your patient to us, and we’ll coordinate with your patient and the trial team

We’ll keep you informed along the way.

All clinical trials must go through an independent ethics committee review process and comply with Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

Data & Privacy

We collect sufficient personal and health data from potential trial participants to effectively manage their screening for trial participation, their referral to clinical sites for trial informed consent, further screening and their trial enrolment.

We support the clinician in providing appropriate information to the patient to allow them to make an informed decision about sharing their medical data for the purpose of determining their eligibility for participation in a clinical trial.

We provide appropriate consent processes for the patient to share their medical data and support the clinician in recording and submitting to us valid patient consent. For more information please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

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Clinical Trial Privacy

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